The Newness You Have Asked for the Newness You Desire- Happy New Year 2020

The Newness You Have Asked for the Newness You Desire- Happy New Year 2020

Resisting change is futile
the longer we fight our current and therefore only reality the longer we remain in limbo
trapped somewhere between the past and the future
far from the present

All change has been called forth like fire from our soul
Our lesson is to honor the knowledge of our divine being
knowing that there is no need to fear this new world
only a childlike sense of awe and wonder

For we cannot see the gift in what we resist

Know that you have called this change forth

Know that your deepest self has brought you to this place and is ready to dance with a new reality - more of what you love

Realize you have been given time and space to realign with all your desire for your life

You can choose to see this new world as terrifying unknown cold darkness or you can choose to embrace the new growth and burst from beneath the ground

When you're in a place where it feels there's a black hole staring at you in the face

Stop in front of it

Look not into it abyss with fear but with creativity and a renewed  outlook for your life

This is the moment where you become the creator when you become responsible for what appears when you become the giver of life

Don't hold back don't stop yourself from creating the most vividly beautiful existence you can imagine

In the face of change sit there and pour so much beauty you can barely breathe
until tears of joy fill your eyes

We are all given a powerful choice when change comes and transforms our landscape choose to live joyfully in your abundance

in this place that will not always be yours
before the tides change again
Explore this place that you had every part in creating

Begin to enjoy each step of discovery
allow your heart to be filled with hope when you begin to let your heart open to everything that it once feared


Feel how supported you are

You are on the right path
for the more new land you explore
the more you grow in the direction of your heart

The more you learn how to fearlessly create your dreams
Know you are loved

Take this moment to choose more love
more light
more of everything that makes your heart sing

When life changes when something falls away remember you are the writer of your own story
The new landscape around you is giving you the space to grow
don't look back
you're here now in this moment to birth your new dreams
float open and expand into the newness you carved out
The newness you have asked for the newness you desire


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