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We are now carrying Real Mushrooms! 

Here is why Real Mushrooms are the only mushroom suppliers you should consider...

The true quality of Real Mushrooms is unlike any other- it lies in the care and traditional growth strategies on natural medium (wood-grown).

Most of the US-sourced mushrooms are not mushrooms at all, but are mycelium, in a plastic bag on sterilized grain, and they are never allowed to form a mushroom (fruiting body).  The entire bag of grain mixed with mycelium is then dehydrated and powdered, meaning a good portion of the end product is only grain. 

Fruiting bodies are the component of the mushrooms that is far richer in the medicinal component.

Meet the Farmers: 

“Mushrooms were all around me when I was growing up. I was able to get out and do some mushroom hunting with parents of friends. I liked it enough that when I went to university, I actually studied mycology there,” Jeff Chilton, Real Mushrooms founder says.

Organically Farmed:

Real Mushrooms are farmed in Qingyuan county, the best ecological environment in China. The farm still uses the natural environmental conditions of seasonal temperatures and local substrate materials to grow multiple mushroom species.  Shiitake, maitake, lion’s mane and reishi are all cultivated in and around this naturally rich area and provide a strong economic base.  Shade houses provide natural light, ambient fresh air and high humidity. These components work together to produce mushrooms of the highest quality in the most sustainable manner.  

Protecting the Ecosystem:

Due to the economic importance of the mushroom industry in Qingyuan county, local residents are very aware of the need to protect and nurture the local environment.  The combination of deciduous trees and conifer trees forms a very favorable forest ecosystem with a rich species diversity for both plants and animals. Maintaining that diversity by coexisting with natural forces, while harvesting only what is needed for the mushroom crops, and constantly replenishing these components, is the main focus of the farmers.

Historical Farming in China:

To Preserve the historical initiative of the Chinese growers, Jeff brought his positive vision of organic cultivation to China and helped initiate a green ethic that is building strength and fostering hope that future generations of Chinese farmers will depend less on agricultural chemicals and more upon organic methods. It is the people-to-people vision of sustainable organic cultivation that provides the foundation for the integrity for Real Mushrooms. 

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