Natural Nightly Skincare

Natural Nightly Skincare

During the seasons of extreme sun and cold, I am extra careful with my skin to keep it glowing and feeling bright. Since I have a very sensitive system I try to use the most simple yet effective products I can find. Products that are made with integrity, using all natural ingredients that give a deep clean without being too harsh. 

Of course, how we look does not dictate our value in the world, but I do believe that taking care of oneself is a form of self-empowerment. When you take care of yourself (through healthy eating, healthy boundaries, meditation, skincare, or otherwise) it says to the world “I know that I matter” and that kind of energy demands respect from others.

As I wind down my day, I take care of myself and my tired skin with these products, in this order:


1) Clean-Zit Soap from Free Reign Farm 

This soap bar includes tea tree oil which dries and balances oily skin, charcoal which is a powerful detoxifier, and goat milk which is deeply nourishing. Together this trifecta gives your delicate skin a deep cleaning that leaves it feeling completely balanced. It’s best to wash with warm water to open the pores, and then splash cold water on your face at the end to tighten them back up to give the face a smoother appearance.


2) Artisan Wild Witch Hazel from Buck Naked Plant Medicine

Soap will get dirt from the surface off your skin but witch hazel goes deeper, pulling the dirt and oil from your pores that would otherwise turn into zits or blackheads.  It helps to shrink pores, heal blemishes, soothe sunburn and even reduce dark under eye circles. This witch hazel is made locally, using ethically harvested twigs from witch hazel trees in Appalachia that are then distilled in spring water to extract the medicine. 


3) Exquisite Skin Hydrosol from Ritual Botanica

This is my favorite moment of my skincare routine. It's when I feel the moment of deepest self-care. Two or three spritzes of this hydrosol and my shoulders drop as the aroma fills the air and I can feel the soothing medicine seep into my skin. This blend includes a variety of herbs that are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, meaning it cleans, tones, and calms skin, reducing any puffiness (from breakouts or poor life choices), while it tightens and brightens.


4) Mainstay Blend from Everyday Oil

This oil blend is locally made, multi-purpose, and most of all incredibly effective. I can’t say enough about the benefits of Everyday Oil, which is gentle enough to use on the face and nourishing enough that you want to use it all over your body and hair. You can use it at the start of your skin care routine as a makeup remover and/or at the end as a moisturizer. It includes a highly effective blend of oils that do everything from stimulating collagen production to promoting eyelash growth.


Other tips for healthy, glowing skin include:


• 2x a Month: Mermaid Mask from Fat and the Moon 

When you’re feeling a run down and in need of a refresher, try this Mermaid Mask to tighten and tone your tired skin. Putting on a face mask makes me remember what it felt like being a girl who wanted to be a woman. It feels silly and feels like self-care in very equal parts.  This mask has a mix of (edible, but don't actually eat it) ingredients that do a great job of moisturising, toning, and balancing the skin. While you're at it, it can also be used in the hair for mermaid-like body and a healthy glow. 


• Drinking at least 2 quarts of filtered water every day.  

At the shop, we have a locally made water filter by Original Waters, which is great for cleaning out 99.999% of the toxins (fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, micro-plastics, etc) usually found in tap water.


• Digestive Bitters

Our skin is our largest organ and often times it is where our body opts to detox impurities floating through our system. Support your detoxification channels by using herbs that help your liver function at it’s prime and in the process you’ll find yourself with healthier skin.  We carry bitters from Medicine County Herbs and alcohol-free bitters formula from Anima Mundi.


- Plenty of Rest

On September 23rd we're having a class called "Optimize Your Circadian Rhythms for the Sleep of Your Dreams" with Patrick Clark where you will learn all about how to establish consistent deep sleep routines in order to reset your brain and body for repair, regeneration, and longevity.


The thing I love the most about each of the products mentioned here is that they are all comprised of ingredients that were used by our grandmothers. They were not formulated in labs, they were not tested on animals. They were lovingly created by healers in our community and I can feel their care in my routine, which, to me, compounds their nourishing impact after a long day.

If you are curious about the purity and quality of your current products, check out the Environmental Working Group’s website to see how your everyday products stack up on a scale from 1-10. 

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