Make it Sacred

Make it Sacred

We live in a time of great uprising and uncertainty. And after this year, we may start to feel the creep of fear and doubt.

Nothing is for certain. It is all a mystery. Even the words I write now are ideas hopeful perspectives, comforting ideals, that help us walk more sure footed in this great mysterious journey.

There is something I feel fairly certain is not just a soothing thought but a truth. It feels good and right to lift our faces to the sunrise. It feels good and right to ultimately be guided by our hearts.

Something in all of us ignites when we live this way. I also know that love and attention flow to what we focus on. We shift from positivity into morbidity as often as we inhale and exhale. We are in flux, trying to find certainty when there is none known. How can we quiet our incessant seeking? How can we quiet our quarreling thoughts when we are living in such an uncontrollable, inexplicable reality? My answer, make it sacred.

If nothing is ever known to me, if I live and die never to actually hold anything for certain, I choose to make this journey of mine, sacred.

To make sacred means to hold your life as an exquisite masterpiece. Each moment blessed with the capability to bring your daily doings into the divine space and place of sacred hands. By the use of attention, small prayers, ceremony.

Ceremony and ritual have been part of peoples lives from the beginning. They can helps move from restriction into expansive greatness.

That breath that comes and goes through your lungs without a thought. Hold it for a moment or two a day for loving reverence for it arriving. For it coming and going everyday that it does.

Those eyes that open to see dawn breaking, make them sacred. Place your hands over them for a moment or two a day and say thank you for the gift they offer you.

For your body that holds you upright, that carries you from one place to the next make it sacred. For a moment or two a day hold your body gently lovingly. Make it known to your arms, your legs, your back that you are blessed to be held so unconditionally by its form. Make it sacred.

Build your own personal ceremony. Go to a field, if not a field, a patch of Earth, if no Earth is near you hold a stone in your hand. And close your eyes. Ask that stone, that Earth, to help you reenter the healthy flow of your life. Make it sacred.

Grace will grow. Miracles will come like a bolt from the blue. Its indisputable. Make your journey sacred. Illuminate your daily doings. Even if you never know for certain. At least your world will be one blazing with wonder. At least you will believe you are being held and supported by unseen forces. At least you will be molding your life with your own sacred hands.

As we enter into a new year, I want to remind you of the loving undercurrent below your feet. Of the life force within you. The bright light inside. Start to see how powerful you are, that you wield the wand. That you are incharge of this one precious life. Make it sacred.

**Post inspired by a meditation from Sarah Blondin.

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