Gifts for the Urban Forager

Gifts for the Urban Forager

Foraging for food is a fun, rewarding, and (hopefully!) tasty pastime. Encourage others to do the hard work for you by giving them the tools they need to feed you wild foods.

1. Mushroom Knife, $26: One end is for cutting the fruiting bodies (i.e. mushrooms) from the mycelium. The other end is for carefully dusting of the dirt before taking eating your bounty. One should never wash mushrooms with water. They soak it up like a sponge and it dilutes the taste. // 2. Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms, $21: Wild mushrooms range from delicacy to deadly.  Know exactly what you're harvesting before putting anything in your bag. //  3. Eco Bag Net Sack, $4: Perfect for gathering and separating your herbs, leaves, flowers, barks, berries, mushrooms, and more. // 4. Carbon Hori Hori Knife, $29: This versatile tool is great for digging up roots that you can make into medicine or transplant into your yard. We also have a stainless steel version that won't rust if you leave it out in the rain. // 5. Foraging & Feasting, $40: This beautiful and informative guide will help you find and use the food and medicine that is all around us. // 6. Chrome Loupe, $20: This a botanist's best friend for identifying plants. If you thought flowers were beautiful to the naked eye, just wait until you look at their parts with 18x magnification.

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