Gifts for the Mystical Soul

Gifts for the Mystical Soul

Show support for the mystical soul in your life by helping them tune in and get in touch with themselves. From moon cycles to ritual sprays, these high vibe gifts will bring the magic.

1. Foil Moon Calendar, $18.50: The Mystical Soul is surely attuned to the moon, and this beautiful foil print doubles as both calendar and art for the inner sanctum or outer foyer. // 2. Ritual Botanica Palo Santo + Tulsi Spray, $18: Smudge sprays are a great alternative to burning a smudge stick, especially if you work in an office and need to clear that energy. Palo Santo is a traditional smudge, bringing in creativity and releasing negativity, while Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is a gentle mood lifter that will have your prayers winging towards the heavens in no time. // 3. One Willow Apothecaries Flower Essence, $14: Flower Essences are a way to work with the energy and spirits of plants (see #3 on this list) to create subtle yet powerful shifts in ourselves. For the Mystical Soul try Sage, which opens intuition and a connection to the wider, unseen world. // 4. Pythia Oracle Deck, $46: This oracle deck draws on the magic of plants to help focus your energy and bring awareness to your life. Bonus: oracle decks don't require complex meanings like tarot does; this deck even has a one-word description on each card! //  5. Mother Mountain Herbals Mugwort Dream Oil, $17: Mugwort is a potent herb for dreaming, inviting colorful experiences in the liminal realms of sleep. This lovely oil can be used to anoint the third eye in invitation of far-reaching dreamtime adventures, or for the more earthly goal of moisturizing and balancing the skin. // 6. Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan, $16.95: Cowan's book is an approachable introduction to the practice of working with the spirits - rather than the physical form - of plants. While the idea is a little out there, once you start talking to plants you won't go back.

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Christian and Mystical products on

I have experience lasted two weeks. I have understood that some mystical products are totally inner peace and tranquility. But that I was blessed with this amazing experience to learn a most invaluable lesson of balance.

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