Gifts for the Forager

Gifts for the Forager

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Is there a forager in your life? Someone who experiences great joy from the art of seeking and gathering nutritious food from the wild? Who, when out for a leisurely walk - be it on a wooded path or an city sidewalk, stops every few minutes to inspect a plant...and then, with good intentions, tells you how and why you need it in your life?! If so, this holiday season, surprise that special someone with a curated Villagers gift collection, designed specifically for the enthusiastic forager. 
Harvesting wild foods is not just a theme in our shop, but a part of our lives. So, when dreaming up the ideal collection of gifts for a forager, novice to experienced, we pulled our favorite forage-related products to create two collections: For the Foragerto assist with the gathering of wild foods and Forage to Feastdesigned for the post-harvest kitchen experience. 
For the Forager Collection
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Our For the Forager Collection contains four essentials: Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook. One of our all time favorites, this book offers more than the average foraging guide. Fifty wild edible plants are beautifully illustrated alongside information about identification, edibility, harvest schedule, and use. The Opinel Mushroom Knife, provides an easy way to harvest and clean mushrooms, all in one handy folding tool. Villagers Bug Spray, an all-natural repellent that keeps the bugs away. It includes witch hazel, olive oil, lavender, grapefruit, eucalyptus, cedarwood, rosemary, sassafras, cinnamon, citronella and tea tree oils. For gathering the harvest, we included a certified organic cotton net Eco-Harvest Bag, perfectly sized for tying to your hip for a forage outing.  
Forage to Feast Collection
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Preparing the harvest in the kitchen is an equally rewarding experience. Why not enhance the experience with tools and spices designed for the forager.  Our Forage to Feast Collection includes: Foraging & Feasting:  A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook. A favorite, we added this book for it's content on edibility and innovative recipes. Herb Chopper: A beautiful tool, designed to chop delicate greens with ease. This herb chopper is hand-forged by local blacksmith artist Paul Garrett.  A Mushroom Brush, made of wood and all natural fibers, will dust the forest off of the harvest. The Appalachian Roots Sampler, six artisanal spice mix from Asheville's Well Seasoned Table will enhance the cooking experience.  Seasoned with locally harvested herbs, the blends include: Wild Green Goddess, Smokey Mountains Grilling Rub, Sumac Pepper Sea Salt, Double Nettle Sea Salt, Fire Roasted Candy Roaster Sugar, Honey Fermented Blueberry Sugar.  An after dinner treat, Abundance Sipping Chocolate, is as tasty as it is nutritious. Warming, nourishing, decadent, and delicious. This tonic blend is adaptogenic, vitamin and mineral rich, and immune boosting. A mix of raw cacao, coconut palm sugar, carob, shatavari, maca, ashwagandha, eleuthero, 14 mushroom blend, pink sea salt and vanilla.  From Buck Naked Plant Medicine, small batch herbal medicine from Appalachia. Finally, we added a 100% linen towel from Linen Me. Why not reflect the simplicity and beauty of a wild harvest in your kitchen, by bringing in natural fibers.  



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