Gifts for the Fermenter

Gifts for the Fermenter

The home fermenter is an experimenter at heart. If your favorite fermenter is new to the trade, give them a book and a vessel to get them started. For the pro, a new fermenting journey with cheesemaking or vinegar would do the trick!

1. Ohio 1 Gallon Bristol Crock, $25: Ohio crocks are classics. They're wonderful for fermenting larger batches of kraut for those with large families, small businesses, or community lifestyles. When not in use they make a beautiful vessel for kitchen storage. //  2. Green Line Hydrometer, $6.25: For the serious fermenter, this is a very cool tool.  A Hydrometer measures the alcohol content of your beverages so you can mark your progress toward an ideal finished product. // 3. Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheesemaking Kit, $25: These home kits give you everything you need to make cheese at home (with the exception of the milk), which sounds like a wonderful winter project, and subsequently a great reason for a wine and cheese party during the cold months ahead. // 4. Kraut Source Lid, $30: These are one of the top sellers in our store. The lid has a built-in spring-loaded weight and air-lock mechanism which will set you on your way for perfect ferments every time. There will never be a need to rig up a weight or "burp" your jars again. // 5. Art of Fermentation, $39.95: Author Sandor Katz, is largely responsible for bringing fermentation into the zeitgeist of the 21st century. This encyclopedic book is filled with recipes, instructions, and anecdotes about ferments from around the globe. // 6. Vinegar Mother, $15 (available in-store only): There is nothing like the smooth flavor of homemade apple cider vinegar.  It's a simple process and very cost effective to make at home. 

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