Gifts for the Experienced Gardener

Gifts for the Experienced Gardener

If you have an experienced gardener in you life, there's a good chance they already have the tools and materials they need to get the job done. So why not surprise them this year with a quality gift that they may not necessarily need, but sure would love to have! 

1. Broadfork (only available in-store), $185:  Human powered garden tools can last for generations if designed well, which is why we love this locally forged Gulland Forge broadfork. Built to last, any gardener would be thrilled to have this sturdy tool on hand. // 2. Gardening Tool Brush$12: This tool belongs in every gardener's tool shed. The hard bristles and long handle make it easy and safe to remove dirt from tools. // 3. Moleskin Gardening Journal, $19.95: This Moleskin journal is the ultimate way to track what's going on in a garden. It has five themed sections to fill in and five tabbed sections to personalize. It also holds information about plants and hardiness zones, a garden log, design grids, plant care records, and more. // 4. Womanswork Leather Gloves, $34: (We also sell Manswork Leather Gloves) An active gardener can expect to go through a pair of gloves every year or two, so why not replenish their supply with a quality pair of soft pigskin work gloves? They stand up to hard work and protect hands from scratches, blisters and thorns. Made in the USA. // 5. Botany for Gardeners$19.95: This book is an essential reference for any gardener. It gives a clear scientific explanation of how plants work. // 6. Opinel Folding Garden Knife, $12: This Opinel knife, with its drop-point and reinforced blade, is an indispensable tool in the garden. Perfect for harvesting as well as light utility or carving work. Choose between carbon and stainless steel. 

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