Gifts for the Budding Herbalist

Gifts for the Budding Herbalist

Herbalism is a lifelong opportunity to learn, meet new plants, and make terrible messes in the kitchen. If you need a gift for the budding herbalist in your life, look no further than classic resource books, sturdy stainless steel supplies, and copious amber tincture bottles found below.

1. Herbal Recipes by Rosemary Gladstar, $16.95: Rosemary Gladstar is the grandmother of herbal medicine, and this classic book is the ideal introduction to making your own remedies at home. // 2. Funnel with Spout, $14: There are never enough funnels when making herbal medicine, and this two-for-one has you covered as a widemouth funnel with a spout attachment for use with narrow bottlenecks. // 3. Digestive Bitters with Janet Kent, $15: Asheville-area herbalist Janet Kent recorded her Digestive Bitters class at Villagers last year, and it is now available to you wherever you reside. The class covers a type of herbal medicine that almost everyone needs to help with digestive upset and nutrient assimilation. // 4. Amber Apothecary Bottles, $1.50-$2.50: Glass bottles for tinctures are always a safe gift for the herbalist! While not as sexy as some other items, anyone making medicine will be thrilled to have more vessels to hold their products. // 5. Herb Press, $28.50: This stainless steel herb press is actually a potato ricer, but it works perfectly to get the last drop out of your herbal tincture or oil. // 6. Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants, $21: Making herbal medicine is all well and good, but getting to know the plants is even better. This guide will help you to identify medicinal plants and provides information about their historical uses.

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