Accepting Change and Stepping into Newness

Accepting Change and Stepping into Newness

Often new life can catch us off guard.  It comes like a gust of strong wind and blows away the ideas and structures we have worked so hard at building. 2020 has been that gust of strong wind, a time of great change, contemplation, and restructuring for many.

I also have taken this time to observe the newness our landscape has given us. Still and silent, grateful for the space to grow. I often feel I am standing before a canyon so deep I can feel cold air coming up from its depths.

There, I have been waiting, looking around desperately for a glimpse of the reality that once was. But I don’t look back.

I am choosing to see this cavern, this new world, as the moment to birth new dreams, to expand into the newness that has been carved out. My own personal transformation, in service of the adaptation and evolution of Villagers.

While Villagers has been silent, I assure you we aren’t going away. We are here, in this with you. And although we no longer have a storefront, we are operating online with the same products, adding some special new ones, plus gift sets + kits that the times are calling for.

We are offering subscriptions to your favorite products at 10-20% off! Our always organic bulk herbs and Didn’t It Rain herbal coffee blend can be delivered to your door when you need them! Villagers is offering local delivery based on zip code, and free shipping on all gift sets + kits.*

Villagers will rise up this spring with new announcements and heart-centered dedication. We are focused on community resilience and supporting the transformation that is taking place in each of us. We are evolving beyond retail towards something that is more cooperative, land-based, and deeply soulful.

Thank you all for your support and patience during these changing times. Through shopping online you are supporting a small business that is highly invested in its local community, ecology and economy.

In gratitude,

*all products are handled with care using gloves and masks to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our community near and far.

We are shipping orders this Holiday season and offering local delivery within 8 miles of Asheville and other select locations. Gift sets + kits are available with 2-day FREE shipping. Visit us online.

We are offering subscriptions on our bulk herbs delivered to you weekly, biweekly, or monthly. We are also offering the Didn’t It Rain herbal adaptogenic coffee blend at a subscription. With your subscription you will save between 10-20%! While we are starting with herbs, our apothecary medicines and other products will soon be offered with a subscription soon. Please let us know what products you would like to receive by answering a few questions here.

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